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Tertio Millennio Institute

Tertio Millennio Institute Foundation is a non-profit organization. Every year we support intellectual development of hundreds of young people from all over Poland, in the spirit of the teachings of St. John Paul II.

We organize numerous events throughout Poland and actively engage in editorial activities. Thanks to your support, we can grow and implement new projects aimed at building a community of lay Catholics. We appreciate every contribution and encourage regular assistance!

How can I support the Tertio Millennio Institute?

You can support the Tertio Millennio Institute in three ways: through the payment gateway and BLIK, declaring periodic financial support through a credit card at the payment gateway, and via traditional bank transfer. Choose your method of donation:

Choose the amount of the donation:

Use the buttons below to choose the level of support or enter any amount, and you will be redirected to the payment gateway. Then select the payment method. In the payment gateway, you can also choose the option of recurring payments.

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Donation via bank transfer
Details for donation transfer:

Foundation „Instytut Tertio Millennio”
Address: ul. Grodzka 7/2, 50-120 Wrocław
Account number: 33 1240 4706 1111 0000 5168 6138
In the title: „Donation for statutory purposes”

For donors from abroad:

Foundation „Instytut Tertio Millennio”
IBAN: PL33 1240 4706 1111 0000 5168 6138
In the title: „Donation for statutory purposes”


Donate 1.5% of your income tax in the PIT settlement

We also remind you that donations to non-governmental organizations such as the Tertio Millennio Institute can be deducted from your income when settling your personal income tax (up to 6% of income for individuals, up to 10% of income for legal entities), allowing you to pay a lower tax! Also, remember that you can support us by allocating 1.5% of your tax to Tertio Millennio: our KRS number, which should be entered in the PIT declaration, is 0000036659.